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There is only one thing. That makes a dream . impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. it’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up_Vince Lombardin

Success encompasses alot of strategies to convey a standard permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of our problems, and discouragment. If goals are created and sort after with all determination we can muster. Our gifts and these gift we announce us to our World Using my own experience, I have learnt to be put in my very best in what am doing in order to come out good. Am not there yet but am gradually getting there through preserverance, consistency and commitment to my goals.

Being a mum of three kids, life can be very demanding, As a mum am schooling, working, and taking care of my kids as well. I always tell women the fact that you have kids does not mean you should leave yourself and not develop yourself. I tell people around me always value yourself….. Never ever see yourself that you can’t achieve that dream. It’s how you place value on your personality… That is how people will value you.

Whatsoever state that you are now whether married, single, abondon… There is a big room out there for everyone of us to enjoy what is available for us in the world to take hold of. if will can begin to think positively towards our dreams and not let anybody stop us from achieving it. We can make it.. Women don’t let kids being a barrier or excuse to your failure in achieving that goal…….

Always remember that the kids we grow up, one day leave you and start their own life. If you have not develop yourself before them, the quality of your live will be low…… Expectation is the mother of accomplishment.

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9 thoughts on “Knocked Down & Stand Up Right.

  1. I totally agree , as a soon to be mother I know life will be different , so i must always do my best to achieve what I want in life regardless of the situation I find myself in …
    Failure is not by choice , but failing and give up is a choice, perseverance and determination is the key to a successful life….
    Thank you hifavegreat.

  2. Words for push.Interestily,women are mostly found in dis situation whereby little or no push are not given to dem to really discover their worth. Dis write up is really a great lift and encouragement to all women who feels dat all hope is lost.
    Thanks favegreat

  3. Motherhood is the hardest and yet the most rewarding of all of my life experiences. I agree totally that we should never give up on working on ourselves, I used to find snippets of time in between bringing up my four children to read and educate myself, and in fact 35 years on I am still doing that 😁🧡

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