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We are the architect of our own life. The key to drive our lives in the successful pursuit of our dreams is not in the hands of any driver except us.

We are the driving seat of our life. The philosophy about life is that time wait for nobody. Every one of us is given the same 24hour in a day As the earth spins around the sun so the moon around the earth, it’s advisable we use our time wisely.

The action is the foundation key to all Accomplishment. If you conditioned your heart to accomplish a particular goal in life you will get it. Some of the issues most people encounter in the journey of their pursuits in life most time divert their attention to the accomplishment of their goals. With focus and resilience, you will achieve your goals. How can you achieve your goals?

There are many tips on how to accomplish your pursuits in life, first of all, Sit down quietly think inside of you, ask yourself which changes do you want to see, how are you going to cause the changes, how do you take actions to begin the process of that issue in your life and the strategies that you will use to chart the cause of that change you desire.

To begin the journey of a changed life they must be a well defined structured plan and a focused mind to that desired goals. Here are some few steps to actualising your goals…….

“Ceaseless change is the only constant thing in nature. ” – John Candee Dean

Personal -Development.

The concept of development in our life is a daily occurrence. Humans undergo changes day by day.

We are not static in life. Personal development is very important in the pursuit of our dreams. You can’t give out what you don’t have inside of you. You have to train your gifts inside in order for it to manifest in full reality. You need to start now.

Beginning stage

Take a bold step to do something about your personal development today. It’s going to take time to achieve that lasting change. but You need to start now. build on what you are today, don’t give room for procrastination. The road to success is not a smooth ride but with consistency and determination, you will get your result if don’t quit.

Start now by taking responsibility to cause that change. Take for instance if you stand by the mirror and point your thumb your reflection will point back to you not anybody else. The mirror will reflect back your identity to you. So In this early stage, you need to focus on the strategies of achieving that dream.

Self – knowledge

You need to think about your strength and weakness by analysing yourself. This self-knowledge helps you to understand yourself better, you learn about what you want and make a decision whether you want to accomplish a new level in your life or not.

In achieving your goals personal development cannot do without self-knowledge. After you have discovered yourself the next step for you to do now is to go for a life class within and outside your comfort zone.

The changes you want to see depends on how far you stretch your tentacles and broaden your scope of learning valuable resources that are within and outside your reach.

Take your time to disconnect from the happening of the world and begin to centre yourself for the moment of what you want to achieve.

Lessons are available everywhere…..

I tell people that if you feel you are not learning anything to develop yourself positively, is not anybody faults but yours. The chances are that someone around you has the knowledge of what you don’t know…..

It’s your duty to ask them questions. Create your moment of growth and opportunity. Pay attention to details of things around you, create your own gaps, and take a leap of bold faith…..


Another key aspect that enhances our knowledge in life is reading. Reading helps to change everything around us.

When we read we learn new things we don’t know and enhances our vocabulary. Reading is a tool for communication, As you communicate through reading you understand more, thus you can communicate in a better way to people.

It helps us to develop a solid foundation of communication. It connects us to people daily and around the world.

Reading also connect us to our brain….when we read we stay in total silence with our brain. In silence your brain is clear, you are focused and you think more and thus development starts taking place… That will shape a better you. The importance of reading is endless to humanity. So go for it guys daily it’s key to self-development.


Another factor that also contributes to changed life is the association we keep. That’s why the Bible says in 1st Corinthians 15: 33

That be not deceived ” Evil

communication corrupt good


Who we associate with ……goes a long way to influence us positively or negatively. Bad company affect a person’s life. Good ones build it up to the peak. There is a quote that says

Show me your friends I will tell who you are ( Vladimir Lenin)

Your current friend is a true reflection of you. The company of friend you choose to spend your time will either shape your personality or break you

You are only getting better or worse by the company you keep. So choose your company rightly. When you connect with the right people. It’s not just a matter of being found together. It’s a principle of the contagious sharing of life. That’s belief system, convictions and aspirations.

Not every relationship can be inspirational, so we should be selective when it comes to the matter of our vision and destiny pursuit. stay clear of any relationship that will not take you to your destiny.

Proverb 13:20 says

“He who walks with the wise will be wise, but a companion of fools will be destroyed,”

Solomon in the bible said if you build important relationships with wise people you become wise. so sort wise people and connect with them. A person that wants to experience a new level in life needs to be accountable and ready to step out of his comfort zone.

Thanks, guys for stopping by and reading my post.

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