Always give thanks to God.

Give thanks to God all the time for your life, for what he has done and what he his yet to do. I don’t think we should spend most of our time asking God always for things. But I do think we should give him thanks for his mercies endureth forever. When we give God thanks always he steps into our situation and turns it around. What most people don’t understand is that what you give your time to becomes part and parcel of you.

Thanks worship and praise to God is the duty of man to God. Thanks is an honour to God, a form of prayer that exclude your needs but just you and God as worship instrument unto God

Thanksgiving to God creates intimacy and enhances your relationship with him on a daily basis. It’s a revelation of God and who he is. Just give him thanks. He his a great God.

Gratitude develops faith. The surest path out of a slump is marked by the road sign “thank you, God.”

Max Lucado

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