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Don’t say God has being silent.

When your mouth has been closed to praise him.

Don’t say God has being silent.

When you forgot all the things he has done before and things he his yet to do.

Don’t say God has being silent,

When you focus on things that matter most to you than him.

Don’t say he can’t hear you or reach out to you,

When you complain about the problem instead of seeing the blessings of preserving your life.

God is bigger than all our problems.

He sees it, He knows about it,

And he knows why the problem is there.

He cant give us temptation we cannot bear.

Rather when the time comes, He makes a way of escape.

I Know he his a merciful father, but we need to give him our best valuable time and praise him.

When we put our problem in his hands.

He put his peace in our heart

When we praise him always

He brings his glory down to us.

Praise is one of the tickets to Gods’ heart.

Stop complaining, start praising him even if the situation is worst.

I have learnt to praise him everyday everywhere I am. On a daily basis.

Continuous praise to him connect you to his divine presence and enlighten your spiritual eyes.

I pray and I declare whoever is reading this message

God heals whatever that his hurting you.

No matter where you are,

God is with you.

Nothing can interrupt Gods plan in your life, as long you believe and don’t doubt him.

He will bring it to pass. Shalom.

Have a beautiful week and remain blessed in his presence always.🙏

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