Heaps and lots of worries in life will not make anything good happen, rather it causes more harm to your health. Free your mind from worries learn to leave that situation in the hands of the creator whether he answer you quickly or slowing,

wait on him he will bring it to pass. Rest all case on him with a strong faith…not just faith. Solid one that is unmovable to the situation

1st Peter 5.7

Cast all your cares upon him for he careth for you.

He knows your name

He knows you before your mother conceive you

Before you even think that though he knows.

So my reader’s lack of knowledge of the word of God is what is affecting lots of people. If we can just give a little time from the 24 hours we have in a day to study his word

We are going to be word loaded to handle any situation. Am a living testimony. His grace is all-sufficient and more than enough for any issues we are encountering.

Go more for his word and stop thinking about your problem. He will fix it. Blessings


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