Everything that has hit you in life,

The broken relationship.

The lost job..

The difficulty the enemy has brought your way.

God knows your name.

It might not be easy or smooth

The Bible says

Cast all your cares upon him for he careth for you 1st Peter 5.7

when you get in trouble

He careth for you

When the doctor says the sickness is out of hand,

He careth for you

When your children break your heart, and you did all you can to train then

He careth for you

When that marriage relationship is shaking. Don’t be afraid

He careth for you

Because the Bible says all things worked together for our good to them that love God.Never you see that challenge in your life and be broken. Challenges neither strengthen you or break you

Sometimes most challenges are pointers to your next level or to build your faith and have more deep fellowship with God

We need to know and understand how to call on his name Jesus. Because that name is powerful….

Great faith = Great manifestation

Great manifestation = Great Result

Great result = Abundance of blessings in all aspect of our lives.

He said speak my word, I have seen their affliction, I know your taskmaster I will come down and deliver you. Am the one that heals lepers, give peace, wipe away tears, give joy to the brokenhearted and restore life back am the miracle worker, light in the darkness, the everlasting father who has no variable.

His word said in Daniel 11.32b

For they that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits

One thing we need to understand is that speaking faith words to that issues destroy the problem and gives us victory.

Just like the woman with the issue of blood who suffered 12 years.she believed that if she can touch the hem of his garment she will be made whole. He believes in God brought the healing she deserves not the doubting mind.

Because there is power in our words positively. The power to settle the circumstances is already in us as a child God…. Ready to be released to that problem and creating the change you desire.

We can change whatsoever we don’t want and need by not watching and nursing the problem… By Speaking the faith-filled word

He careth for you and me.



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